Thursday, 15 April 2021

Dog Treats Please Dogs

There are dog treats out there that are more of a delicacy than just a bone for dogs. They are made with more flavors such as beef, chicken, vegetable, pepperoni, and even bacon. They even come in bone shape or sticks. You know that the dog does not care what the brand, shape, or variety of the treat is, they just want a little of that extra delicacy that their owners go out and buy for them.

There is not just a variety of brand, flavor, and shape there is also a large variety of prices that you could pay for them. To be honest does the dogs know just how much you pay for the treat? And the most expensive does not mean that it is the best for the dogs of for their breath.

They do have special bones and treats out there that is sub post to help with the doggie breath so you can relax and just buy a treat that is not that expensive because they are all pretty much the same to our dogs.

All dogs love to see their owners going for the box or bag of treats to give then one of them. Most of the dogs will do anything for one of those doggie treats no matter what flavor of shape it is.

Some of the dogs will even do tricks for the treat suck as dance, wave, or play dead dog. They enjoy trying to make their owner happy so that they can get one of those treats in return. Some of the dog trainers will use the treats to reward a dog for doing the command they are told.

Some of the command are when they are told to sit, stay, or even when they are simply told the work no and listen. No matter what some think your dog should be rewarded for a job well done and for even protecting you and your family from any harm. They will enjoy the treat and you will enjoy the happy dog because he or she will show more love to you when they are happy.